Monday, June 27, 2011

Amara's Dresser!!!

I can 100% say that I am an instant gratification type of girl! Especially, when it comes to doing projects. I can also 100% say that I get that from my dad. We don't like to read instructions, or feel the need for a good challenge....we just like to "Get 'er done!" as he would say. 

 With that said, I bought this fabulous dresser that was inspired by one of my favorite blogs I posted this picture on my facebook page when I first found out I was pregnant, but didn't know what I was having. After seeing this nursery, I could only hope for a baby girl :) 

my craigslist find...
  The one thing I went "gaga" over was her dresser/changing table. I LOVE the color, the detail....everything. So, I found my own "little" version on Craigslist for 70 bucks and began working on  it!!

Ordered my knobs/ handles from Home Depot!
I used Martha Stewart's Bedford Gray paint, and I plan to use it on the crib, and in Amara's bathroom....the color is gorgeous!! I tried  to take the "miss perfect" route and sand the dresser, then prime, then paint blah blah blah, but since it IS laminate on the outside, I used Zinser primer since the dresser doesn't handle sanding. It was liquid sandpaper basically and it worked like a charm! Two coats of primer, two coats of paint and then a polyurethane spray ( it helped take the "sticky" feeling away) and we are done! 

Last, but not least...the drawers needed cute drawer liners of course. I picked up some good quality wrapping paper from Rock Paper Scissors ( amazing paper boutique in Downtown Franklin), and I came home and got busy!

Once I measured my drawers, I cut my pieces of wrapping paper to size planning to "glue" them in with Mod Podge, but I am not the best glue spreader and when I did my first drawer, The paper bubbled on me. Also, it is a VERY old dresser so all the measurements differ by teeny bits of an inch and the glue did not allow me to scoot my paper around once I got it in the drawer to make it fit perfectly. Honestly, the paper doesn't move around...I just wanted some extra durability. I get tired of things quickly though, so just laying the paper in the drawer allows me to change it out whenever I want!

I am so relieved to be done with this project. It is one of my most rewarding ones yet. After Gabe moved the dresser upstairs, and I was able to actually see Amara's first piece of furniture in her room....I felt so joyful! Here are pics of the drawers....changing station still in progress...more pics to come! :)

Thanks for reading.....


  1. This is SO beautiful, modern, and chic! Makes it even better that you created it. LOVE it!!

  2. I love your blog and you are so talented!! I know you are so excited to see this little girl:) Enjoy every last minute of being pregnant and every second of her life, Selena is is school now! Time flies bye way to fast!! Congrats to you, being a parent is the best feeling in the world!! Congrats!! XO